The Fairfax Society

The Fairfax Society was founded in 1993 to trace, document and share the ancestry and heritage of all individuals with the name Fairfax.

Regrettably, however, with a lack of new members and a declining and ageing membership,
the decision was taken at the November 2016 AGM that the Society should be wound up.

The Fairfax name was registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies,
and the Guild has undertaken to preserve as much of the Society's records as it can,
including much of its website data and all of its Journals for the twenty years from 1996 through to 2015.

To this end the Guild has created this website as a 'legacy' website,
which will be maintained permanently (or as long as the Guild exists).


The Fairfax family

The Fairfax family can trace its origins back to the Danish Vikings,
since when they have seen active service in several theatres of war
in addition to the Great Civil War of the 17th Century.
It was then Sir Thomas ("Black Tom") Fairfax created the Model Army
that turned the fortunes of the Roundheads
and forced King Charles I to surrender.

Other Fairfaxes have distinguished themselves in the Army and the Navy,
while others took to the church, became writers, etc.

Robert Fayrfax, musician to Henry VIII, is said to haunt St Albans Abbey, Hertfordshire, UK, after midnight
when his organ playing can still be heard.

The Society was engaged in creating family trees for over fifty separate pedigrees both for the UK and overseas,
from which a data base of names and dates of birth, marriage and death was being produced.
In addition, the Society recorded details of each individual and places associated with them,
and carried out a variety of research and preservation activities for the Fairfax families,
much of which is documented in the twice-yearly Journals.